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Marda Loop Medical Clinic

 We are members of the Calgary West Central Primary Care Network which means that our patients have access to enhanced collaborative, community-based primary care.

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Family Medicine

We work collaboratively with our team of health professionals to provide a medical home for our patients. We are here to celebrate you and your family's life’s moments- from infant to senior care.


Senior Services

Senior Services gives our patients access to support for their unique personal needs and offers access to other medical and community services for their greatest well-being. 

prenatal care

Prenatal Care

Our dedicated physicians are here to support and empower women to take care of their health so they may have the healthiest pregnancy possible.


Behavioural Health Consultations

Our consultants help provide mental health support to individuals, couples and families and promote the self-management of our patient’s well-being.


Social Worker Assists

Our compassionate social workers strive to help improve the lives of people dealing with life's challenges. We aim to help patients develop their skills and their ability to use their resources to enhance their well-being.



Nurses work collaboratively with the health care team at Marda Loop Medical to provide comprehensive care plans, education, resources and referrals. They work closely with patients to consult with them on various health topics.


Same-Day Appointments

We offer referrals to the Primary Care centre for a seven-day-a-week, same-day appointment service. This service is dedicated to patients who are in immediate need and were unable to schedule a same-day appointment at the clinic.


Patient Care Coordinator

Patient care coordinators work collaboratively with the Marda Loop Medical team to ensure that our patients are receiving high quality care services and that they are reaching their healthcare goals.

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Phone: +1 (587) 349-3595

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